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Three scenic routes that you mustn’t miss in the UK

One of the popular ways to relax is by taking a road trip, driving down long unwinding roads with beautifulscenery for company. The UK has some of the best scenic routes in the world that are waiting to be explored by those looking for a break from the humdrum everyday life.What makes the trip even more exciting is the company of friends. So, if your vehicle will not suffice, just van contract hire Aberdeenand head out for the journey that will transform your life.

  1. A drive in the LakeDistrict

A treat for the eyes is the 50 kilometers stretch between the Lake District’s most popular towns of Windermere and Cumbria. Here the road passes along the Lake Windermere, home to the famed Lochness Monster. You can stay at this resort town and just enjoy the peace and quiet with an occasional round of golf or just fishing on the river soaking in the ambiance of the place. You can also take the boat ride on the lake and let your senses be mesmerized by the long undulating plains interspersed with chalets and ruins reminiscent of a gory past.

  1. Along the Antrim coast

One of the most beautiful stretches in the entire world, the 30 kilometers of the Antrim coast is simply stunning. You can visit the ruins of the Dunluce castle or visit the Giant’s Causewaywhich is an interlocking basalt column resulting from an ancientvolcanic eruption. The topography and the flora and fauna here will captivate you like no other.

  1. The Abergwesyn Mountain Pass

Considered one of the more challenging drives, the Abergwesyn Mountain Pass is an adrenalin-pumping narrow strip that keeps you wanting for me. It starts at the village of Tregaron and passes through various small villages. Be ready to experience the Devil’s staircase takes you through isolated valleys and forests. Check out the Llyn Brianne, a large reservoir where you can rest a while after your adventurous ride.