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The Perfect Place To Mount A Radar Detector

Do you know that the windshield mounted models were chosen as the best radar detectors for 2017? Why is it the most preferred model? One needs to understand the features of the radar detector to choose one for them. But it is also more important to learn about the proper mounting position so that it is useful to the driver.

Even the most effective detectors won’t work properly if it is not mounted properly. When not mounted properly, they tend to work ineffectively. Let us discuss how to mount them in the right way to make the most use of it.

Effective Options

There are 2 different options that are considered the best when it comes to mounting them. Though the 2 positions have their own advantages and disadvantages, people can choose the one that works better for them.

Mounting in a Higher Place

The best option is to mount the radar detector in a higher place. This could be a place at the top end of the windshield or at the top of the rear-view mirror. This is the position that can detect the police’s radar gun signals. Mounting detectors in higher positions helps in detecting the signals sooner than when placing them at a much lower place. This is more effective in hilly regions.

The main disadvantage of this position is that it at 100 feet or so, a detector finds it tough to catch the signal of a laser gun as the signal could be only 2 feet wide.

Mounting in a Lower Place

The main advantage of placing a radar detector in a lower place is that it turns to be useful in areas where laser guns are used very frequently. The downside is that they can capture signals only at a lower range.

Positioning the radar detector at a higher or lower position is completely up to you. Check out on the best detectors and try which positions work best for them.